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Resolve Evolve eLearning

Resolve Evolve is committed to creating eLearning that engages the participant to support their understanding of equality, diversity, equity and inclusion (EDEI) in the workplace.

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Resolve Evolve eLearning

At Resolve Evolve we believe that eLearning can effectively support understanding of the complex situations staff at all levels experience at work.
Our eLearning can be used as standalone programmes, or the 'Part One' modules, as foundational learning prior to our practical, tailored in-person training.

Tailored eLearning

Our eLearning modules are designed to be interesting, practical and interactive modules, which enhance knowledge and understanding - we don't believe in just ticking boxes.

We are happy to tailor modules to reflect your organisation's sector and brand. This is not your usual 'white-label' product, we tailor case studies and small details throughout the modules - this means your staff can truly relate to the subject, the learning and its relevance in your organisation.

Dignity at Work

Part One & Part Two
Delve into Resolve Evolve's "Dignity at Work," a comprehensive two-part eLearning series exploring workplace behaviours and their impact.

Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - An introduction

Coming Soon..

An introduction to Inclusive Leadership

Coming Soon..

eLearning Services

Custom eLearning solutions including bespoke eLearning, film, and audio production, and comprehensive eLearning review services tailored to your organization's needs.

Bespoke eLearning development

Resolve Evolve Ltd. specializes in bespoke eLearning solutions tailored to your needs. Enhance your team's skills with custom courses designed for impactful learning experiences.

eLearning Reviews

We can work with you to similarly review your existing eLearning (whatever the topic) and review the accuracy of existing EDEI eLearning content.

Film and Audio Production

‍We can integrate the films and audio into our training and eLearning and have also produced stand-alone films for clients’ Learning and Development teams to use within their own training offers.

Why learning with us?

Interactive Exercises

All learning is accompanied by exercises or other activity to engage users and embed learning. All text is kept short and with the practicalities of the workplace in mind.

Case Study Scenarios

Analyse and resolve workplace issues through practical case study scenarios, which can be tailored for you

Film and Audio Scenes

Immerse yourself in realistic workplace scenarios through film and audio scenes, enhancing your understanding of workplace dignity.

Podcast Style Interactions

Podcast-style discussions, keep the eLearning  interesting and higher energy than is usual for eLearning - fostering a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Grow with our interactive and engaging eLearning

Resolve Evolve creates its own eLearning and so can fully adapt our modules for your sector and brand, we can also develop eLearning specifically for you.  
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