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Resolve Evolve's trainers have worked across the voluntary and public sectors for much of their early careers and want to ensure that smaller voluntary sector organisations, who are unlikely to be able to bring in external trainers due to cost and number of staff, can access quality training at a reasonable price.
Organisations: small - income up to £1m; medium - £1m - £5m
All training courses Resolve Evolve LTD.

Our Open Course Offer

All Staff Courses
Dignity at Work
Disability Equality
Equality, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: An Introduction
Neurodivergence in the Workplace
Train the Trainer: Training Skills
Unconscious Bias and Micro Aggressions
Training Courses for Managers and Leaders
Equality Impact Assessment
Inclusive Leadership: for Senior Managers
Managing Effectively
Recruitment and Selection
Speaking Up: Challenging Conversations and Assertiveness
Our Price Logic
We are trying to ensure affordability for small voluntary sector organisations. The different fees you see above reflect our increased costs for certain courses:
  • If the session is in-person - it’s for the room hire
  • If it involves actors - it’s paying the actors
  • If both… you get where we’re going with this...
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