Vanessa Robinson-Dooley

Dr.Vanessa Robinson-Dooley has over 23 years of supporting, training, and teachingin private and public universities on equity, inclusion, intersectionality, andanti-racist curriculum development. Known for her ability to work with diversecommunities on difficult issues, she is an effective collaborator, facilitator,teacher, and trainer. 

Dr.Robinson-Dooley started her career as a community organizer, working withmarginalized communities to find their “voice” in local resource access andpolitical advocacy. Her work in this area included training communities onsocial activism and inclusion. This work resulted in developing a nonprofitagency and community center where she served as the founding ExecutiveDirector. 

Dr.Robinson-Dooley later moved into direct clinical Social Work practice, workingwith individuals, families, and groups. Specializing in clinical groups, Dr.Robinson-Dooley trains group facilitators in practicing group work, focusing oninclusion and culturally competent clinical practice. She has been invitedlocally and nationally to train groups in diversity and culturally competentclinical practice, intercultural competence, and improving service delivery.

Dr.Robinson-Dooley is also a Professor who has taught in higher education for over23 years. She currently teaches doctoral-level courses on designing inclusivecurriculum in higher education through an anti-racist lens. A highlysought-after course designer, she is known for her use of Universal Designprinciples to design and deliver courses on various platforms. Dr.Robinson-Dooley’s work in higher education includes decolonizing traditionalmaterial and creating courses inclusive of diverse material and high-impactpractices. 

Dr.Robinson-Dooley is a prolific researcher focusing on health disparities, socialjustice, and African American men’s health. She has published extensively onher research, diversity, and cultural competence. She is the co-author of thebook “BlackMen's Health: A Strengths-Based Approach Through a Social Justice Lens forHelping Professions”and co-creator of the "AssociationInclusion Index" tool for ASAE Foundation.

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