Sarah Bonner

Organisational psychologist and Hogan practitioner, specialising in leadership development and executive coaching

Sarah Bonner - EDEI Consultant

Sarah is an experienced consultant who works within the public and private sector in a selection and assessment, training, mentoring and coaching capacity. Her professional experience ranges from the design and delivery of experiential leadership development programmes to organisational research and implementing cultural change strategies. With over 20 years worth of experience within the creative industry, Sarah has worked with global brands managing relationships with c-suite clients. Sarah is passionate about team performance and inclusive leadership. Consequently, Sarah can help companies address their internal challenges in order to achieve commercial and cultural growth.

With a background in client management, Sarah understands that relationships built on trust and mutual respect lead to the best results, therefore she goes to great lengths to build a good rapport with her clients and understand their specific needs.

In her capacity as a coach, Sarah helps people find the confidence and inner strength to overcome their personal barriers and succeed on their own terms. Within her sessions Sarah creates a judgment-free space where individuals can think, explore their ideas and decide how best to achieve their goals.

• MSc in Organisational Psychology
• Hogan Suite of Assessments (HPI, HDS, MVPI, Hogan Team Report)
• Leadership Versatility Index
• Level A and B Qualified in Occupational Testing
• ICF Approved Coach
• Mental Health First Aider

• Leadership Development using Psychometric Assessment
• Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training (including Unconscious Bias)
• Cultural Change (including research interviews and focus groups, writing reports and creating toolkits)
• Behavioural Profiling and Report Writing
• Coaching
• Team Workshops (design and delivery)
• Group Facilitation

• Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Banking, Insurance, Engineering & Construction
• Broadcasting, Marketing, Publishing and Advertising
• Secondary & Higher Education
• NGOs

We will support you in reaching your Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.

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