Skilled EDEI consultant working across all sectors focussing on disability rights and justice

Saâdia - EDEI Consultant

Saâdia has a long-standing career in training and consultancy, with a focus on Disability Justice. They have developed and implemented training for various NGOs, Local Authorities, both in the UK and internationally.

With lived experience and over three decades of experience in disability rights,equality, and inclusion, Saâdia has developed and implemented extensive training programs for many organisations. Their areas of focus range from equality, disability, domestic violence, protecting disabled children, with significant involvement in accessibility audits, consulting, and research.

Internationally recognised, Saâdia has presented at conferences worldwide, actively engaging in discourse on empowerment, inclusion, and disability justice. Their diverse professional roles, coupled with their active membership in several organisations and multilingual abilities, contribute to a well-rounded and comprehensive expertise.

With qualifications in training and development, social work experience, psychology and philosophy as a hobby, Saâdia stands as a deeply experienced professional dedicated to promoting disability rights and justice.

We will support you in reaching your Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.

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