Priscilla Eyles

Intersectional Neurodivergent and Cult Awareness Advocate, EDEI trainer and consultant

Priscilla Eyles - EDEI Consultant

Priscilla is an equality, diversity, equity and inclusion (EDEI), consultant, facilitator, researcher, speaker and writer specialising in neurodivergent workplace inclusion and intersectional approaches to EDEI strategies. 

Priscilla is especially passionate about finding sustainable, holistic, co-produced and systemic solutions to workplace barriers which in supporting neurodivergent and multiply marginalised people, also support everyone else. As well as enabling a trauma-informed workplace cultures which nourish and support diversity of thought, and psychological safety.

For the past three years she has created and delivered original content, resources and training for agencies and organisations including Challenge Consultancy and Inclusion London (a Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisation/DDPO, responsible for the advocacy and training of DDPOs in London) where I was Project Coordinator for their pilot intersectional With Us Project. 

Priscilla is currently trustee of her local DDPO Camden Disability Action and plays an active role in ensuring the inclusion and representation of neurodivergent and multiply marginalised members there, as well being part of an Academy Autistic peer mentoring programme, delivering one to one mentoring sessions with autistic college students.

Her speaking and training experience includes working with and appearing at conferences, workshops and panel events for organisations and groups as diverse as The Intersectional Disability Reading Group, Boycott Spectrum 10k, Ogilvy, Teach First, Aucademy, North East Autism Society, International Cultic Studies Association, ONLINEEVENTS and Haringey Council.

As a cult survivor, Priscilla is equally passionate about de-stigmatising the conversation around cult abuse and raising awareness of how these destructive/high demand groups target multiply marginalised and neurodivergent people. As well as how the cult experience and/or experience of coercive relationships feeds into experiences of getting work and workplace cultures.

Priscilla has previously worked as a Disability Job Coach for Disability Advice Services Lambeth (DASL), supporting a group of young Neurodivergent people with complex needs in arts and heritage internships, and has a strong communications and marketing background through various roles in the arts and non-profit sector.

She has an MA with Merit in Magazine Journalism from City University (2010), alongside a Foundation Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling from The Minster Centre (2019) and has undertaken EDEI training with the Sarah Jane Academy (2022), where her course action plan was highly commended by the tutor. 

As a freelance writer she has written for various media outlets and organisations such as The Nursing Times, Little White Lies, The i Paper and The Future Is ND, as well as founding and co-hosting the first long-running ADHD podcast in the UK, ADHD &…. Her first published book chapter will additionally be out later this year in the forthcoming Birdsong From Inobservable Worlds anthology on psychiatry and race, edited by mental health activist Dolly Sen.

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