Monsoon Latane Bissell

Monsoon brings a unique blend of personalidentity and professional expertise to her work in multicultural competencydevelopment for individuals and organizations. Her bi-racial, bi-culturalupbringing in India and the US created a foundation for cross-culturalcommunication ease and a multi-layered worldview in understanding dynamicswithin low-context and high-context culture based groups. 

With a strong belief, that assimilationdoes not equal inclusion, her work is tailored to meet people where they areand explore with them the benefits of inclusive living, diversityexpansion and equity practices. Equipped with an EdM from ColumbiaUniversity, Coaching certifications from New York University and training inprocess work T-group facilitation, Monsoon is a passionate groupfacilitator, coach and counsellor working as an independent practitioner with avery diverse client base, for over 25 years. She is the ex-Dean of theProfessional Development Program for the Indian Society for Applied BehaviouralSciences (ISABS) and as visiting faculty she facilitates anexperiential human process laboratory called Explorations of Role and Identity at India's premier ManagementInstitute (IIMA).

Having trained in Narativ Inc's Listening and Storytellingmethodology,Monsoon co-created an unscripted performance piece, Two Women Talking, and the dynamic workshop, A Listening Conversation touring US colleges using personalnarrative as a means to address issues of cultural dissonance, collectivetrauma and personal efficacy by owning ones' story. 

Leading publications The Daily Beast, The Hindu, Outlookand Tehelka  have carried Monsoon's articles ongender and gender violence.   

A lived commitment to JEDI work is at theheart of her being a principle promoter and board member of two organizations (Fabindia and Organic India) that have the highest ESG (environmental,sustainability and governance) standards. The use the social entrepreneurshipmodel to promote economic parity through craft revival and marketplace access.

Monsoon's consultancy, The FreedomPractice looks at personal liberation through the lens of choices we make inour everyday lives and how they create shifts internally and build movementsexternally.

We will support you in reaching your Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.

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