Luise Usiskin

Dedicated EDEI trainer and consultant for global media, fostering inclusive workplaces

Luise Usiskin - EDEI Consultant

Luise is a trainer and consultant with ten years’ experience working in Equality, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (EDEI) and Culture. She designs and delivers training courses to organisations within the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors. She specialises in training for media, film, television, theatre, production and post production, and publishing organisations.

As a trainer, Luise's approach is rooted in intersectionality and challenges participants to examine their biases, assumptions, and privilege.

Luise believes that EDEI training should be a safer space where people feel comfortable sharing their personal lived experiences and perspectives, and where everyone is treated with kindness and respect. She understands that EDEI work may feel difficult and uncomfortable, and that it requires ongoing learning and self-reflection. Therefore, her approach is to create an environment that is both supportive and challenging, where participants are encouraged to engage with difficult topics and to push themselves to grow and learn.

Luise believes that EDEI training should empower participants to become agents of change in their workplaces and communities, and that it should be grounded in a deep respect for the dignity and humanity of all people.

Ultimately, her goal is to support participants develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset they need to build more inclusive and equitable organisations and societies.

Luise's current and recent clients in the media sector include Technicolor Creative Studios, the BBC, BIFA, Viacom, NBC Universal, Sony TV, Sony Playstation, Avalon, Red Planet, Endamol Shine, UKTV, Silvergate Media, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Acamar, Warner Brothers Pictures, and Warner Music. I have trained global senior leaders at UKTV, the BBC, NBC Universal, Warner Music International, Viacom, and Warner Brothers Pictures.

Luise work in the UK, US, Europe, and Asia.

We will support you in reaching your Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.

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