Christina Carty

Harmonise Your Workplace: Transform Your Team with Choir based Team-building

Christina Carty - EDEI Consultant

Christina Carty trained at Mountview Theatre School.

She worked professionally as an actress/singer for several years and then changed direction to become a talent agent for the prestigious agency Creative Artists Management. Nine years later, she was given the opportunity to re-visit her creative/musical skills teaching primary school music and went on to work in various schools across SE London.  A highpoint during this period was having one of her school choirs chosen to sing live on ITV’s “This Morning”. 

Since 2011, Christina has developed her own adult and choirs and worked with others (see details below) and most recently delivered musical team building workshops for the staff of mental health charity Mind, Arup and Deloitte Global Partnership. Find out more about team building through singing in our Services / Groups and Teams section .

Christina’s first adult choir began as a one-off workshop called Sing it Back! in May 2011. After a fantastic response, she developed it from there into a fully-fledged choir. She has loved raising standards over the years, whilst watching members develop their skills and enjoy their camaraderie. Six years ago she decided to rebrand the choir, in order to reflect what it had become.  With the help of her members she decided to name it Vocallective.

She is proud to have been tutored by industry greats like Mark De Lisser (Kingdom Choir/Singology), Gitika Partington and Dr Gillyanne Keyes of Vocal Process, all of whom continually influence her work. 

In addition to Vocallective and her daytime choir Vocalise, Christina works as a freelance director for London-based choir Some Voices, leading choirs in Shoreditch and Islington.  It’s intense work - a new song each week as part of a theme for each term - but she loves the fast pace.  Every term concludes with a huge show with hundreds of members at a big London venue. 

Christina has also delivered many sessions of Singing Therapy in care homes to bring the psychological and physical benefits of singing to the elderly and residents living with dementia. 

She finds working with groups who have never sung together before very rewarding, hence her love of team building and one-off workshops. She is really enjoying extending her network of partners and building a portfolio of great companies.

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