Anjum Mouj

Dedicated facilitator works to combat bias and empower communities, with 25+ years' experience

Anjum Mouj - EDEI Consultant

Anjum is a skilled facilitator, trainer and consultant with over 25 years of experience, she works to create constructive spaces to enable meaningful and mutually respectful conversations.

Anjum recognises that equality, diversity, equity and inclusion (EDEI) can be challenging issues to talk about. Her work focuses on creating safe spaces, agency, empowerment, and participation, engaging and involving all voices. Anjum is passionate about supporting individuals to create an impact by building self-awareness and making practical changes.

She has delivered a combination of consultancy projects, reviews and evaluations, and a wide range of training courses for and with professionals across many different disciplines, including higher education, the private sector, local authorities and the public and community sector. She has a specific interest in unconscious bias – conscious inclusion, anti-racism, safeguarding children, young people’s participation and community engagement.

Anjum is currently a Board member of Imaan Muslim LGBTQI+ group, on the Board of Trustees of Queer Britain and London Black Women’s Project. Anjum is driven by activism, justice and equality.

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