Alison Hughes

Compassionate therapist providing tailored, insightful therapy to foster emotional resilience

Alison Hughes - Counsellor

                                                                   "I do feel these sessions have helped me grow and I am moving towards

                                                       a much more healthy and fulfilling life. So I couldn't recommend Alison more highly."

Alison provides a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to explore what may be contributing to your current difficulties, offering an environment for you to express anger or need without the risk of retribution.

Alison draws upon different forms of therapy, including Humanistic and Psychodynamic, tailoring the work to the individual, adapting each form appropriately for the situation. This is all underpinned by a wholehearted, compassionate approach.

Counselling can relieve mental or emotional distress by helping us recognise inner conflicts and issues of which we are unaware. When faced with difficulty, children instinctively form psychological defences that help them adapt to their environment and reduce anxiety. In adulthood, the adaptions that were once effective in avoiding pain can negatively impact our professional and private relationships in the here and now.

Part of the therapeutic process is bringing unconscious feelings into awareness so we can understand ourselves and our relationship with the world around us. We can then recognise our behavioural patterns and the interpersonal roles we gravitate towards; this insight makes us better equipped to face life’s challenges, build healthy and appropriate relationships and gain emotional resilience and maturity.

We will support you in reaching your Equality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals.

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