Explore different types of training we offer.

Coaching services for individuals Resolve Evolve LTD.


We offer coaching to support individuals to develop in their roles including the practice necessary to create a more inclusive workplace culture.

Our coaching service is tailored to the specific needs of each client and we provide guidance and support on all areas of work with a foundation of diversity and inclusion.

Our coaches work with individuals and organisations to identify the goals and develop a personalised plan for achieving those goals. The number, frequency and length of coaching sessions will be agreed with the appropriate contact in the organisation.

Counselling services for individual Resolve Evolve LTD.


Our counsellor offers support to individuals who have experienced difficulties in or out of work that are affecting their work, including the aftermath of traumatic events at work, discrimination or harassment.

Mentoring services for individuals Resolve Evolve LTD.


Our mentoring service offers one-to-one support for managers and leaders to enable them to develop their skills in the workplace.

Our mentors offer a sounding board for the mentees, work with them to problem solve, challenge their thinking, identify and support short-term goals and long-term aspirations to enable their professional development.

We also specifically provide mentoring for staff at all levels who are experiencing barriers to their development and progression.

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