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Expert and urgent advice services  from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Expert and Urgent Advice

We have a dedicated and professional group of consultants on hand who can assist your or your organisation with expert advice on urgent EDEI issues.

Please email us or contact us through our contacts page outlining you requirements and we will aim to support you.

Audit services  from Resolve Evolve LTD.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Audit identifies your organisation’s strengths, areas for improvement and potential barriers to progressing toward your organisational goals. The results are set out in a report which provides detailed analysis, action recommendations, and improvement opportunities, as well as identifying areas of risk or non-compliance

The audit combines the methods used for our strategy review and various aspects of policy and procedure reviews. It includes key stakeholder interviews, meetings with network groups, anonymous staff surveys and focus groups, and desktop reviews of internal and external documentation as appropriate, gathering and analysing qualitative and quantitative data.

Workshop on Decolonising the curriculum  from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Decolonising the Curriculum

This 2–3 hour workshop is designed for teachers, academics and professional staff working in education. The main objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of decolonisation, including insights into the student-led Decolonising the Curriculum movement. During the workshop, we will create a safe and open environment to explore the practical implications of decolonisation at your institution or workplace. We aim to foster discussions around the following key questions:

  • What does decolonisation mean for us as educators/staff?
  • To what extent is it possible to implement decolonisation in the curriculum?
  • How can we effectively collaborate with students and staff on matters related to decolonisation?
  • How can we go beyond mere tokenism and genuinely engage with the principles of decolonisation?
By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with both short-term and long-term action points to apply in their roles and environments. This workshop is a valuable opportunity to collectively contribute to the ongoing process of decolonising our practices and content. is some text inside of a div block.
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Dr. Osbourne
Policy review and development services  from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Policy Review and Development

We offer policy reviews and policy development services to ensure your people policies and procedures are inclusive and equitable in all areas.

Our team reviews individual policies and procedures, or a suite of policies. We then provide recommendations for improvement based on industry best practices, current legislation and your organisational circumstances.

We also develop new policies and procedures that promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring they align with your values, circumstances and EDI plan or strategy. We will perform gap analyses and make recommendations for new elements of policies and procedures where needed.

We also support organisations through policy reviews which include Equality Impact Assessment as the foundation.  

Strategy development services  from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Strategy Development

We offer EDI strategy development services to help organisations create effective and sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion plans. 

Our team works with you to assess your organisation's current situation in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion through different means, including focus groups, interviews with key individuals and, as appropriate, network groups, as well as reviews of internal documents (policies, statistics, complaints).

We identify realistic areas for improvement and, in consultation, develop a customised strategy that aligns with your organisation’s goals and values. 
We take a comprehensive approach to strategy development, considering all aspects of your organisation, from recruitment and talent management to culture and service provision.
By partnering with us for your EDI strategy development, you can create a more inclusive and productive workplace that attracts and retains top talent, promotes innovation, and involves accessible operations.

Recruitment process review services  from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Recruitment Process Review

Through our recruitment review service, we provide advice on strategies to make your recruitment process more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Our team of experts will review your recruitment process from start to finish, identifying any potential barriers to equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion and providing recommendations for improvement. Processes include job descriptions, advertising, selection criteria, panel composition, testing method and environment, and interview practices.

Our aim is to support your organisation create a recruitment process that attracts a diverse pool of candidates, and ensuring that all candidates are evaluated objectively based on their skills, experience and potential.

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