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Equality impact assessment course from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Equality Impact Assessment

Our Equality Analysis/Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and methodologies, with opportunity to practice the skills necessary to conduct effective EIAs. You will learn how to analyse policies, projects and practices to identify potential discriminatory impacts and options to mitigate – striving for equity for all individuals and groups.

Through a combination of theory, situations and interactive exercises, this training will equip you with the tools to integrate equality considerations into all decision-making processes.
We Include
  • Understanding the concept and importance of EIA
  • Recognising the legal and policy frameworks underpinning EIAs
  • Practising the fundamental principles and steps involved in conducting an EIA
  • How to apply relevant equality indicators and metrics to assess the impact
  • Recognising potential barriers and challenges in conducting EIAs and developing positive strategies
  • Integrating equality considerations into decision-making processes.

If you have a procedure in place, we will use your policy as the basis of the session and give feedback on your process if needed.

Inclusive leadership course from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Inclusive Leadership: A one-day in-person session

The course enables leaders, including senior leaders, to further develop their knowledge and skills to lead teams and organisations towards equitable, diverse and inclusive working environments.  
We Include
  • What inclusive leadership means within your organisational context
  • The nature and impact of unconscious bias in leadership
  • The specific issues and barriers to inclusion and the business impact of exclusion
  • Role modelling and recognising the impact of language and behaviours
  • The foundations of inclusive recruitment and performance management practices
  • Confidence in challenging conversations

We use tailored case studies and scenarios throughout, including informal role play. Actors’ involvement in tailored role play or forum theatre scenarios is optional.  Participants will gain insightinsight into their practice and strategies for fostering inclusive communication andand will consider how they do or can role model to support a long-term inclusive workplace culture.  

Inclusive recruitment traing course from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Inclusive Recruitment

Our Inclusive Recruitment training course encompasses all the critical areas of the recruitment process and can be tailored to focus on specific areas if needed. The course includes the importance of equality and diversity in recruitment and strategies to attract a diverse range of candidates. We cover every stage of the recruitment process, either using your process or good practice for your context, including:
  • Recognising potential bias (conscious and unconscious)in the process
  • Legal overview, including positive action
  • Role requirements and advertising (internal and external)
  • Appropriate environments: In-person or online
  • Shortlisting, competency-based tests and interviews(with practice) and decision-making
  • Giving feedback and induction follow-up

Optional: Including actors to role-play interviews with participant panels, using roles relevant to your organisation.
and external

Managing diversity course from Resolve Evolve LTD.

Managing a Diverse Team

create an inclusive workplace that fosters innovation and growth. The course emphasises the importance of developing self-awareness and cultural competence and using these skills to create a culture of respect where team members can have difficult conversations and move on, improving work communication.
‍An essential course for all managers to explore how to
The Courses Includes:
  • The benefits of inclusive management
  • How to recognise the barriers to and create a culture of inclusion
  • Bias: How bias may show in team interaction, including supervision and reviews
  • Role modelling language and behaviour
  • Promoting diversity through team communications and processes

Through this course, managers can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become inclusive managers who drive positive change and create environments where all individuals can thrive.

This full-day course includes case studies reflecting issues relevant to your organisation; we can also involve actors to role-play tailored scenarios.

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